Relive the Legendary Egg Incident with a Twist!

Life as a CEO is not easy. Especially when your company is Microsoft.

Last week, Steve Ballmer was egged by an angry student during a speech at a Hungarian University. Ballmer showed great reflexes and dodged the attack, hiding behind the desk.

Here’s the video of the Ballmer egg incident on YouTube: Watch Now.

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The Most Famous Egg Attacks in History

Eggs, those humble kitchen staples, have occasionally transcended their culinary role to become instruments of protest and mischief. Throughout history, a number of notable figures have found themselves at the receiving end of an egg-throwing incident. Here are some of the most famous egg attacks in history.

1. Steve Ballmer (2008)

The former CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, faced an unexpected egg attack during a speech at a Hungarian university. An irate student threw eggs at Ballmer, who demonstrated impressive reflexes by dodging the projectiles and taking cover behind a desk. The incident quickly went viral, showcasing Ballmer’s agility and turning the moment into an internet sensation.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger (2003)

During his campaign for the governorship of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was egged while attending a political rally at California State University, Long Beach. Schwarzenegger, displaying his characteristic composure and sense of humor, simply removed his jacket, remarked that the attack made him feel like he was back on a movie set, and continued his speech without missing a beat.

3. John Major (1992)

John Major, the then-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was egged during a campaign event in 1992. The egg hit him on the back, but Major remained unfazed and continued with his public duties. This incident highlighted the sometimes volatile nature of public political life in the UK.

4. David Cameron (2010)

Another British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was egged while campaigning for the general election in 2010. Cameron was struck by the egg while meeting voters in Cornwall. He took the incident in stride, joking about it later and continuing with his campaign activities.

5. Jeremy Corbyn (2019)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was hit by an egg during a visit to a mosque in north London in 2019. The egg was thrown by a pro-Brexit protester, underscoring the intense political divisions in the UK at the time. Corbyn was unharmed and continued with his visit, emphasizing the importance of remaining calm and composed in the face of provocation.

6. Nigel Farage (2014)

Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), was egged while campaigning in Nottingham. Farage, known for his outspoken views, took the attack in stride, continuing to engage with the public and the media despite the incident. This egg attack was one of several incidents highlighting the contentious nature of Farage’s political career.

7. Paul Keating (1992)

Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating was egged during a visit to a high school in 1992. The egging was part of a protest by students unhappy with the government’s education policies. Keating responded calmly, continuing his visit and addressing the students’ concerns, showcasing his ability to handle unexpected challenges with grace.

8. Jean-Marie Le Pen (2014)

The far-right French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen was egged during a public appearance in the town of Saint-Nazaire. Le Pen, known for his controversial views, was hit on the head by an egg thrown by a protester. The incident was one of many confrontations Le Pen faced during his political career, reflecting the strong opposition to his ideas.


Egg attacks, while often viewed as humorous or trivial, can have significant implications for public figures. These incidents are typically acts of protest, expressing dissatisfaction or discontent with the actions or policies of the targeted individual. While the egg may seem like a harmless weapon, its symbolic impact can be profound, leaving a lasting impression on both the victim and the public.

Our Fun Blog

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2003 Egg Incident: A Campaign Trail Challenge

    In September 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous actor-turned-politician, faced an egg attack while campaigning for the governorship of California. This incident, occurring during the height of the California recall election, highlighted Schwarzenegger’s resilience and ability to handle public scrutiny with humor and composure.

    The Context

    The 2003 California recall election was a highly publicized and tumultuous event. Governor Gray Davis was facing a recall, and a diverse array of candidates, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, entered the race to replace him. Schwarzenegger, known for his roles in blockbuster films like “The Terminator,” leveraged his celebrity status to gain political traction. His campaign promised to bring reform and change to California’s governance, attracting significant media attention and public interest.

    The Incident

    The egg attack took place during a campaign rally at California State University, Long Beach. As Schwarzenegger mingled with the crowd, an egg was suddenly thrown, striking him on the shoulder. The incident could have been a disruptive and negative moment on the campaign trail, but Schwarzenegger’s reaction turned it into a memorable and endearing episode.

    Schwarzenegger’s Reaction

    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s response to the egging was marked by humor and grace. Without missing a beat, he removed his jacket, made a light-hearted remark comparing the incident to being on a movie set, and continued his speech. His ability to laugh off the attack and maintain his focus on the campaign resonated positively with the public.

    This reaction showcased Schwarzenegger’s charisma and ability to connect with voters, even in unexpected and challenging situations. It reinforced his image as a strong and unflappable leader, qualities that would serve him well in his political career.

    Media Coverage and Public Perception

    The egging incident was widely covered by the media, with footage and images of the event circulating quickly. The press highlighted Schwarzenegger’s composed and humorous response, which contributed positively to his public image. The incident became a talking point in the election, demonstrating Schwarzenegger’s resilience and ability to handle adversity with charm and poise.

    Public reaction was largely positive, with many appreciating Schwarzenegger’s ability to remain unfazed and continue his campaign activities. The episode added a humanizing touch to his persona, showing that he could take things in stride and maintain his focus on the bigger picture.

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    Impact on the Election

    The 2003 recall election resulted in a victory for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who became the 38th Governor of California. His handling of the egg incident, along with his overall campaign strategy and public appeal, played a role in his success. The incident became part of the lore of his unconventional and dynamic campaign.

    Legacy of the Incident

    The 2003 egging of Arnold Schwarzenegger is remembered as a defining moment in his political career. It exemplifies how a public figure can turn a potentially negative event into a positive and relatable experience. Schwarzenegger’s reaction to the egg attack remains a notable example of his leadership style and his ability to navigate the challenges of public life with humor and resilience.

  • Jean-Marie Le Pen’s 2014 Egg Incident: A Clash of Controversy and Protest

    In May 2014, Jean-Marie Le Pen, the then-honorary president of the far-right National Front (Front National) in France, became the target of an egg attack during a public appearance. This incident was emblematic of the deep divisions and intense emotions surrounding his controversial political career and the party’s policies.

    The Context

    Jean-Marie Le Pen was a polarizing figure in French politics. As the founder of the National Front, he was known for his far-right views, including his stances on immigration, national identity, and the European Union. By 2014, although he had stepped down from the party’s presidency, he remained a significant and influential figure within the party, now led by his daughter, Marine Le Pen.

    The European Parliament elections were approaching, and the National Front was gaining momentum, which further intensified the political climate in France. Le Pen’s public appearances often drew both fervent supporters and vehement protesters, highlighting the contentious nature of his political legacy.

    The Incident

    On May 1, 2014, Jean-Marie Le Pen was in the town of Saint-Nazaire, participating in a campaign event for the European Parliament elections. As he was making his way through the crowd, a protester threw an egg, hitting him on the head. The egging was a direct act of protest against Le Pen’s political views and the ideology of the National Front.

    Le Pen’s Reaction

    Jean-Marie Le Pen’s reaction to the egg attack was a mix of irritation and defiance. Although visibly displeased, he quickly regained his composure and continued with the event. Le Pen, known for his confrontational style, did not allow the incident to disrupt his public appearance significantly.

    His response was in line with his public persona: unyielding and ready to face opposition head-on. Le Pen’s ability to continue despite the attack demonstrated his resilience and commitment to his political cause, even in the face of direct physical protest.

    Media Coverage and Public Perception

    The egging incident received extensive media coverage in France and beyond. Reports highlighted the act of protest and the broader context of Le Pen’s controversial political career. The media coverage varied, with some outlets focusing on the audacity of the protester and others emphasizing Le Pen’s divisive influence on French politics.

    Public reaction was similarly divided. Supporters of Le Pen and the National Front condemned the attack as an unacceptable act of aggression, viewing it as an affront to free speech and democratic engagement. Critics, however, saw the egging as a symbolic act of resistance against Le Pen’s far-right ideology and the policies of the National Front.

    Impact on Le Pen’s Political Influence

    While the egg attack was a minor physical affront, it underscored the intense opposition Le Pen faced. However, it did not significantly diminish his influence within the National Front or his standing among supporters. The incident became another chapter in the long history of protests and confrontations that had marked his career.

    The 2014 European Parliament elections saw the National Front achieve significant success, winning the highest number of seats in France. This electoral victory solidified the party’s position in French politics and underscored the enduring appeal of its message among a segment of the electorate.

    Legacy of the Incident

    The 2014 egging of Jean-Marie Le Pen remains a memorable episode in his contentious political career. It serves as a symbol of the fierce opposition and strong emotions his views and the National Front’s policies elicited. Le Pen’s reaction to the attack, characterized by resilience and defiance, is indicative of his approach to political life: confrontational, unwavering, and ready to face public dissent.

    For Jean-Marie Le Pen, the incident is part of a broader narrative of public protests and political controversy. It highlights the volatile nature of political discourse in France, especially around issues of immigration and national identity. The egging incident is a testament to the deep divisions in French society and the challenges of navigating such a polarized political landscape.

  • Paul Keating’s 1992 Egg Incident: A Test of Composure and Leadership

    In March 1992, Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating faced an egg attack during a visit to a high school in Sydney. This incident came at a critical time in his political career and showcased his ability to handle public dissent with composure and grace.

    The Context

    Paul Keating had become Prime Minister of Australia in December 1991, after a successful challenge against Bob Hawke, his predecessor and fellow Labor Party member. Keating’s tenure was marked by significant economic reforms, which were both praised and criticized. By 1992, Keating was navigating a complex political landscape, aiming to solidify his leadership and maintain public support amidst economic challenges.

    The Incident

    The egg attack occurred during a visit to the Marsden High School in Sydney’s western suburbs. Keating was engaging with students and staff when an egg was thrown from the crowd, striking him on the head. The protester, reportedly a student, was expressing dissatisfaction with Keating’s policies and leadership.

    Keating’s Reaction

    Paul Keating’s reaction to the egging was composed and measured. Rather than reacting with anger or frustration, he calmly wiped the egg from his hair and continued his visit. His response demonstrated a level of resilience and focus, refusing to let the incident derail his engagement with the school community.

    Keating’s ability to maintain his composure in the face of public dissent was seen as a mark of his leadership qualities. His calm demeanor helped to diffuse the situation and allowed him to continue with his public duties without significant disruption.

    Media Coverage and Public Perception

    The egging incident was widely reported in the Australian media, capturing the public’s attention. The coverage highlighted both the act of protest and Keating’s composed reaction, providing a balanced view of the incident.

    Public reaction was mixed. Supporters of Keating admired his calm and collected response, viewing it as evidence of his strong leadership. Critics, however, saw the egging as a symbol of the dissatisfaction and frustration felt by some segments of the population regarding his economic policies and leadership style.

    Impact on Keating’s Leadership

    The egg attack did not have a lasting negative impact on Paul Keating’s leadership. Instead, his composed reaction reinforced his image as a resilient and determined leader. The incident became a part of his broader narrative of facing and overcoming public and political challenges.

    In the subsequent federal election in March 1993, Keating led the Labor Party to an unexpected victory, securing another term in office. His ability to handle public dissent and maintain focus on his political agenda played a role in consolidating his leadership and gaining the trust of voters.

    Legacy of the Incident

    The 1992 egging of Paul Keating is remembered as a significant episode in his political career. It serves as an example of how public figures can effectively manage unexpected challenges and maintain their composure under pressure. Keating’s response to the egg attack is often cited as a demonstration of his leadership style: calm, resilient, and focused on the bigger picture.

    For Paul Keating, the incident is a testament to his ability to navigate the rough and tumble of political life with dignity and grace. It underscores the importance of staying composed in the face of adversity and the impact of a leader’s demeanor on public perception. The egging incident remains a notable moment in Australian political history, symbolizing the sometimes volatile relationship between politicians and the public.

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